Google Maps Can Be Stupid, Too

Google can be pretty unreliable too (I won’t say dumb, cuz then a bunch of fanboys would attack me saying it’s prolly the human error, etc)… Well, it’s not. It’s just stupid to tell people to WALK over the fence and bushes and constructions. Also, it wouldn’t tell you the alternative route in case one route is being closed for several hours. It will just stick to the fastest route. Perhaps I need a special app like Puget Sound trip planner to get a more accurate info. I ended up waiting for almost an hour out in the cold and wondering why the bus hadn’t arrived yet. So, asking people are sometimes the best way to get around. Next time you wanna say, “Just google it!” maybe you wanna answer the question instead ^^ #seattle #bellevue #washington #googlesuckstoday #solotravel

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