Visiting the Only Starbucks Roasting & Tasting Room at “Coffee Town” Seattle

 The one and only Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room at Pike street, Seattle – Washington. There is literally one Starbucks in every block, but there is only one roastery. 

I like this place better than the first Starbucks store at Pike street, for sure. If you think you should visit that place, well, think again. You won’t be able to sit down or enjoy your coffee, cuz you’ll be queuing with a bunch of crowd (read: tourists) who just want to take a selfie. If you are surrounded by so many good coffee beans, believe me, you just want to stay aaaalll day!

 – at Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room
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At this amazing place opened by Starbucks in its home Seattle last year. The small coffee shop at Pike street was one thing, but this place is another thing. They want people to come, sit down, smell the coffee, take pictures and share the experience. #seattle #starbucks #washington – at Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

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Google Maps Can Be Stupid, Too

Google can be pretty unreliable too (I won’t say dumb, cuz then a bunch of fanboys would attack me saying it’s prolly the human error, etc)… Well, it’s not. It’s just stupid to tell people to WALK over the fence and bushes and constructions. Also, it wouldn’t tell you the alternative route in case one route is being closed for several hours. It will just stick to the fastest route. Perhaps I need a special app like Puget Sound trip planner to get a more accurate info. I ended up waiting for almost an hour out in the cold and wondering why the bus hadn’t arrived yet. So, asking people are sometimes the best way to get around. Next time you wanna say, “Just google it!” maybe you wanna answer the question instead ^^ #seattle #bellevue #washington #googlesuckstoday #solotravel

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Seattle Insider Tip: Getting a Higher View at Columbia Center

Nice one. The sky is quite clear today. Will be missing you, Seattle. Home of Bill & Melinda Gates, Bruce Lee, Chihuly, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. It has rich history, natural surroundings, tech companies, friendly people, complicated (and often not on time) but good transport system.

Definitely a must visit place when in the US. #washington #seattle #usatrip #solotravel – at Columbia Center Observation Deck

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Seattle Insider Tip: Skip the Space Needle for This View

Good weather today! Enjoying the view from Columbia Center, the highest building in Seattle. The 73rd floor is the highest public observation deck on the west coast. It’s 1,043 feet above sea level. You can see the Space Needle, the airport, mountains, sport stadiums, Seattle Great Wheel, Smith tower from here. $14.25 for a day pass, which means you can come in the morning/afternoon, walk around downtown and return to see the sunset/ night view (the staff actually suggested that). Easy access to Starbucks and restroom on the 40th floor. #Seattle #Washington #solotravel – at Columbia Center Observation Deck

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