Not My Baby, But Do I Want One?

Don’t judge cuz I’ve never hold a tiny baby. Kids, toddlers, yes, I know they like me, but not one month baby… until last Sunday. My best friend invited me to her baby’s “manyek” after a long overdue visit. The last time I saw her was at her baby shower.

Being her usual easy going self, she asked, “You wanna hold the baby?” and quickly handed her baby after I washed my hands. Her husband also welcomed the idea. Wait! I’m not ready yet!! I usually refused such offer politely cuz I was too afraid of holding him or her in a wrong way or make them cry or perhaps, the worst, I might drop them!?? Lol.

But this baby is so calm and quiet, and he quickly picked up my vibe. “Oh, you are so calm. He can sense that, that’s why he’s not crying,” my friend said.

I looked at his cute curious little face and told myself, “No wonder people love their children so much. How can you not love a tiny sweet baby like this?” Another minute, I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do this. Maybe this isn’t as hard as I thought it would be,” I held him for 5 minutes and I was smiling all the time. He finally laughs too..

And then I gave him back to his mommy and he cried. Lol. Auntie S loves you, baby A! 😘

Having a kid is an excellent idea, if you have the commitment to raise one with good values and sensitivity. Yes, if I were a mom, I would be a tough-no-nanny-mom. #IMHO #asinglelife

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